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 Life is all about food really. Good food. Real food. Fresh meat and eggs; hand-picked fruits, vegetables and nuts; home-processed sugars, herbs and spices. Farm life not only provides literal food but food for the soul as well: sit-spots and walking trails for meditation, opportunities for learning, inspiration for music and art.


The diversity of our farm supplies nourishing foods and unique art materials as well as endless stimulation for writing, photography or music. This website provides an opportunity for us to share some of this beauty and abundance with our broader community.


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What's New at Glenreynie

Autumn Berries

 It's been a busy busy summer here on the farm. New chickens, new bees, and a brand new album from the music studio (check out the link below or skip over to the music page to check it out!). In the mean time, work on this site has flagged a bit. Don't worry - we're working hard to make some new changes and additions soon.








   On the Horizon



Autumn is a paradoxical season. We rush to complete the year's projects and gather the remaining harvest while feeling the pull to slow down and prepare to hibernate. Leaves glow in the waning light. Wild asters bloom rebelliously despite the dropping temperatures. "Frost?" they say, "Bring it on!" 






               Welcome to Glenreynie!   



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